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Flood in South Nutfield

I remember the thunderstorms and heavy rain and how Mid Street became like a mighty river rushing near our house.  The flood swept down the road and over the pavements and was very impressive to me at the age of eleven. We had recently moved from Leicester and if this was anything to go by then South Nutfield was going to be an exciting place to live.

This postcard features another young lad at the junction of Mid Street and the Avenue during the same flood. The bridge over Nutfield Brook is overflowing behind him. Wikipedia has more on The Great Flood. (All Rights reserved to Pamlin Prints)

Beyond Living Memory

This postcard shows a younger lady, exploring and enjoying something on a walk, while her companion looks on. I have no idea who they are or even how this postcard came into my possession. It is a moment beyond living memory.

Croydon Borough Mental Hospital Chelsham

The clock tower is just visible – seen behind the high walls and the trees. In more recent days the hospital was renamed as Warlingham Park Hospital. Opened in 1903, the hospital finally closed in February 1999 and the site was turned into a housing development called Great Park. Something similar has happened to a lot of the old Mental Hospitals that were being run down in the 80s and 90s. Residents were dispersed in a switch from large institutions to smaller residential units and ‘care in the community’.

Sugar Cane

On this card from Trinidad … “The sugar cane is a conspicuous feature of the country when it produces erect spikes termed ‘arrows,’ very similar in appearance to Pampas grass .”

Dunster Dovecote

A perforated card from a postcard book.

The stamp has been taken so there is no date.

The message in the space for communication is “I am having the most wonderful holiday and Ernie is behaving very well.”