Cut Bushes and Blocked Dropped Kerbs

Cut Bushes
There is a stack like a large bonfire in the field alongside Mill Lane and by the River Ock.
Cut Bushes
The footpath that follows the course of the old canal has been cleared again – it easily gets grown over, and the stack appears to be the result.Cut BushesDuring the first lockdown part of the walk had been fenced off and to get through meant clambering over the base of an old pillbox. The dogleg path round some garden decking has been reinstated.

We walked it yesterday. It is narrow and so not ideal if you meet somebody coming the other way which we didn’t.
Cut Bushes
On the way home I saw a couple of notices stuck to a car windscreen. The car was parked blocking a drop kerb so anybody coming all this way with their motorised wheelchair would have to turn round and go all the way back again. It is more than a moral issue. Rule 243 of the Highway Code identifies where you are not allowed to park. One of the restrictions is that you can’t part where the kerb is lowered to provide easier access for wheelchairs and powered mobility vehicles. The only exception is when stationary traffic forces you to do so.

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